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Chapter 13 Appendix B: 8 Dimensions and Factor Loadings for OCC

Item # Question Factor loadings
Do the unit leader(s) Factor 1: Trustworthy leaders
01 protect the core values while encouraging change? 0.708
02 consistently articulate an inspiring vision of the future? 0.738
03 show courage in their support of change initiatives? 0.709
04 demonstrate humility while fiercely pursuing the vision? 0.718
Do we have an organizational culture that Factor 2: Innovative culture
05 values innovation and change? 0.509
06 attracts and retains creative people? 0.693
07 provides resources to experiment with new ideas? 0.726
08 allows people to take risks and occasionally fail? 0.691
Does information flow effectively Factor 3: Communication systems
09 from executives to workers? 0.745
10 in a timely fashion? 0.772
11 across organizational units? 0.787
12 from customers to the business unit? 0.734
Do middle managers in this organizational unit Factor 4: Involved midmanagers
13 effectively link top executives with frontline employees? 0.565
14 show commitment to the organization’s well-being? 0.660
15 balance change initiatives while getting work done? 0.727
16 voice dissent constructively? 0.676
Do frontline employees Factor 5: Trusting followers
17 open themselves to consider change proposals? 0.773
18 have opportunities to voice their concerns about change? 0.609
19 generally know how change will help the business unit? 0.712
20 generally view top management as trustworthy? 0.535
Do employees throughout the organizational unit Factor 6: Accountable culture
21 experience consequences for outcomes of their actions? 0.697
22 meet deadlines and honor resource commitments? 0.717
23 accept responsibility for getting work done? 0.780
24 have clear roles for who has to do what? 0.668
Do change champions recognize the Factor 7: Systems thinking
25 interdependent systems implications of change? 0.676
26 importance of institutionalizing change? 0.790
27 need to realign incentives with desired changes? 0.806
28 value of addressing causes rather than symptoms? 0.639
Do we have change champion(s) who Factor 8: Capable champions
29 command the respect of the members in the unit? 0.776
30 possess good interpersonal skills? 0.804
31 are willing and able to challenge the status quo? 0.797
32 have the will and creativity to bring about change? 0.667