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Chapter 7 Prospecting and Qualifying: The Power to Identify Your Customers

Video Ride-Along with Lisa Peskin, Sales Trainer at Business Development University

You met Lisa Peskin in Chapter 1 "The Power to Get What You Want in Life". She has over twenty years of experience in sales and sales training at companies such as Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP), Commercial Direct, and Interbay Funding. Lisa is now a sales trainer and works with companies to help increase their sales. She understands the importance of always identifying potential new customers. Without new customers, businesses would ultimately die. Great salespeople are constantly looking for new prospective customers everywhere. By the way, listen closely to Lisa’s advice, as the same methods that help generate new customers are the same ones that can help you find your prospective employer.

Ride along with Lisa and hear her tips for identifying new customers.

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