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13.9 Exhibit 2: Project Management Summary Diary

(This diary is an aggregation of the individual project diaries.)

Group Number and Group Name Project Description Individual(s) Preparing Preparation Date Review Date
PMO Project Firestorm James Xu 2/11/11 4/1/11
Task or subtask Assigned to Date Hours scheduled Hours accumulated Precent completed What’s going well? What’s not going well? Additional resources (people, technology) required? Are users and management participating?
Requirements gathered James Xu 2/16/11 40 32 100
Team development and project planning James Xu 2/16/11 8 8 100
Legal plans Norma Gleeson 3/3/11 240 240 100
R&D plans Garry Hall 3/10/11 480 540 100 Over budget due to expanded scope.
Accounting plans Michel Bulan 3/24/11 240 240 100 On budget and on plan.
HR plans Davis Wilson 3/31/11 440 420 100 Completed under budget and ahead of plan.
Funding and investments Norma Gleeson 5/5/11 480 240 50
Employee recruitment Davis Wilson 6/23/11 480 0 0
Employee contracts Davis Wilson 7/7/11 80 0 0
Development Garry Hall 11/10/11 960 0 0
IP (patents) Norma Gleeson 11/10/11 730 0 0