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13.8 Exhibit 1: Project Management Individual Diary

(This is used by an individual to track how much time is spent on project activities.)

Group Number and Group Name Project Description Individual(s) Preparing Review Date
Legal Team Project Firestorm Norma Gleeson 4/1/11
Task or subtask Date Hours worked What’s going well? What’s not going well? Additional resources (people, technology) required? Are users and management participating?
Needs assessment conducted 2/12/11 8 Cross-functional team, including management. Requirements have been documented and agreed upon.
Name search conducted, name approved 2/14/11 4 No issues.
Real estate search conducted 2/19/11 40 Various properties researched and visited.
Rental contract signed 2/21/11 4 Ahead of plan.
Incorporation paperwork completed and filed 2/21/11 40 No issues.
Incorporation status completed. 3/3/11 16 On target with plan.
Investors contacted for funding opportunities 3/31/11 36 In process.