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The authors would like to thank the following colleagues who provided feedback on each chapter. Their suggestions have made Writing about Literature through Theory a much improved book:

  • Debbie Brown, Plymouth State University
  • Howard Cox, Angelina College
  • Warren Dittmar, Miami Dade College
  • Jennifer Duncan, Georgia Perimeter College
  • P. Gregory Gibson, Henderson State University
  • Beth Hammett, College of the Mainland
  • Charles Henderson, Ozarks Technical Community College
  • Michelle Holt, University of Montana, Helena College of Technology
  • Rowan Johnson, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  • Susan Johnson, Sierra College
  • Timothy Jones, University of Oklahoma
  • James Kosmicki, Central Community College, Grand Island
  • Walter Lowe, Green River Community College
  • Scott McLean, Arizona Western College
  • Angie Mellor, East Carolina University
  • Tiffany Morin, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Deborah Miller-Zournas, Stark State College
  • Susan Nash, Florida State College, Jacksonville
  • Louis Riggs, Hannibal-LaGrange University
  • Macario Romero, Tarrant County College, Trinity River Campus
  • Vicki Sapp, Tarrant County College
  • Bonnie Spears, Chaffey College

In addition, the authors would like to thank the myriad of students who contributed to this book by providing essay examples and testing out various chapters in classes. Specifically, we owe much gratitude to the following St. Norbert College students for allowing us to publish their essays:

  • Paige Caulum
  • Amy Chisnell
  • Sarah David
  • Maria Dzurik
  • Ashley Eckhardt
  • Amy Ferdinandt
  • Todd Goodwin
  • Alyce Hockers
  • Erin Huebner Gloege
  • Stefanie Jochman
  • Susan Moore
  • Jenn Nemec
  • Carrie Obry
  • Jens Paasen
  • Gretchen Panzer
  • Monica Platten
  • Duncan Raunio
  • Kelly Ann Wolslegel
  • Hannah Schmitt
  • Allison Shakelton
  • Maria Slusarek

In addition, we would like to thank Emily Bryant-Mundschau from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, for allowing us to reprint her e-mails about Harry Potter. We began this project by drafting Chapter 7 "Writing about History and Culture from a New Historical Perspective"—the success of this chapter is owed to Paige Caulum and Stefanie Jochman who allowed us to use their essays as examples and who helped us craft descriptions of their writing processes. We also need to express thanks to Michelle Poncelet, the English assistant at St. Norbert, who did a wonderful final copyediting of the text. Finally, we need to extend special gratitude to Gretchen Panzer: she was our editorial assistant throughout the project and provided keen critical eyes to make each chapter stronger. Gretchen also created drafts of the bibliographies for each chapter and wrote the section on ecofeminism for Chapter 8 "Writing about the Natural World". Gretchen is currently working on her PhD in women’s and gender studies at Indiana University.