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13.7 Additional Resources

To listen to speeches from great figures in history, visit the History Channel’s audio speech archive.

What were the greatest speeches of the twentieth century? Find out here.

A collection of Prime Minister Harper's speeches can be found on his Web site.

No great Canadian speeches? TVO's Steve Paikin discusses: Great political speeches--why there are plenty south of the border...not so many up here?

The National Speakers Bureau represents Canadian speakers who inspire, inform and engage their audiences.

Visit this eHow link for a great video demonstrating how to remove ink stains from clothing.

To improve your enunciation, try these exercises from the Mount Holyoke College site.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary site provides a wealth of resources on words, their meanings, their origins, and audio files of how to pronounce them.

For information on adapting your speech for an audience or audience members with special needs, explore this index of resources compiled by Ithaca College.

Dr. Richard Felder of North Carolina State University presents this questionnaire to assess your learning styles.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association offers an array of Web resources on ethics.

Visit this site for a list of more than thirty informative topics for a business speech.

Visit this eHow site to get ideas for an audience-oriented informative speech topic.