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From Scott:

I would like to say thank you to Jeff Shelstad for answering my e-mail after I heard about Unnamed Publisher on National Public Radio. To say Unnamed Publisher’s model just makes sense is an understatement. I am honored to be a part of it all.

Jenn Yee has been an excellent project manager. When I needed feedback she made sure it was available, and when I needed space to create, she helped facilitate it. Writing can be a solitary activity but she made the journey positive and productive.

Elsa Peterson, you are wonderful. Your sharp eye for detail, consistent dedication to the text, and quick turnarounds on requests were invaluable to this project. I have never worked with a better developmental editor. Dan Obuchowski also offered valuable insight into the construction industry and practices that lends real-world credibility to this text.

To my reviewers in the field, I appreciate all the specific feedback that contributed to clear improvements in the text.

  • Brenda Jolivette Jones, San Jacinto College - Central Campus ()
  • Christina McCale, Regis University ()
  • Billie Miller, Ph.D., Cosumnes River College ()
  • Joyce Ezrow, Anne Arundel Community College ()
  • Sally Lederer, U of M Carlson School of Management ()
  • Greg Larson, Salt Lake Community College ()
  • Gayla Jurevich, Fresno City College ()
  • Laura Newton, Florida State University ()
  • Judy Grace, Arizona State University ()
  • Rita Rud, Purdue University ()
  • Edna Boroski, Trident Technical College ()

Your words of encouragement and constructive criticism have made this effort worthwhile.

Finally, to Lisa, my life partner, you are amazing. You were a draft recruit on this project and quickly learned the formatting requirements in short order. You are a valuable part of this team. Your relentless editing serves as a clear example of Strunk’s axiom: “Omit needless words.” This text is the better for it. Writing with you, like life, gets better with each year.

From Murray:

A very special thank you to Jim Rozsa at Northrose Publishing for introducing me to Unnamed Publisher. I was hooked within five minutes of exploring the Web site. He knew it was a perfect fit for my teaching style, and I was honoured when he first suggested that I take those baby steps towards producing a Canadian version of Scott's book.

Scott McLean, of course, has been an excellent support. He was always ready to help and give advice, and never once did he complain about all the email questions I sent his way. One day I hope to meet him in person...

There are a number of people on the Flat World team who helped me along with the Canadian edition: Michael Boezi, Brad Felix, Pam Hersperger, Jess Carey (wherever you are), and Sarah Rosenblum at Scribe. I greatly appreciate all your support and assistance. Thank you.

Finally, there is the moral support provided by Andrea, the life partner who will always have my hand to hold. Thank you for being there, for allowing me the time on the weekends to work on this project, and for still letting me play hockey.