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This book would not have been possible without our combined eagerness to be innovative and creative inspired by our publisher and friend Jeff Shelstad, the gentle but persistent chiding of Jenn Yee, and the helpful gap filling of Melissa Yu, Andrea Meyer, Claire Hunter, and Sailaja Kattubadi. We also thank Margaret Lannamann for doing such a great job keeping all the balls in the air.

We also like to thank the following colleagues whose comprehensive feedback and suggestions for improving the material helped us make a better text:

W. Todd Brotherson, Southern Virginia University

Rezaul Karim, Des Moines Area Community College

James Laurie, Penn State Berks

Phyllis Shafer, Brookdale Community College

C. Warren Ferguson, Schreiner University

Thomas Voigt, Judson University

John Capela, St. Joseph’s College

Jeff Bruns, Bacone College

B. Barbara Boerner, Brevard College

Helena Hannonen, Brigham Young University Hawaii

Katherine Whitman, Mt. Saint Mary’s College

Verl Anderson, Dixie State College