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About the Authors

Mason A. Carpenter

Mason (PhD, 1997, University of Texas at Austin) is the M. Keith Weikel professor of leadership at the Univeristy of Wisconsin Madison’s Wisconsin School of Business. His research in strategic management concerns corporate governance, top management teams, social networks, and the strategic management of global startups and is published widely in leading management and strategy journals. He is also author of numerous books used in leading undergraduate, MBA, and educutive education courses around the world, including Principles of Management published by Unnamed Publisher. He is associate editor of the Academy of Management Review and serves on the editorial board of the Strategic Management Journal. At the University of Wisconsin, he is responsible for the undergraduate, MBA, and ExecMBA courses in business, corporate, and global strategy. With others, he has also advised the top management teams and business unit leaders of Fiskars, SABMiller, GE, Harley Davidson, Rockwell International, Vivendi, Kerry Ingredients, Covance, Danisco, Badger Meter, and Banta in the areas of strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategic change. His teaching accomplishments include MBA Professor of the Year, notoriety as one of the two most popular professors in several BusinessWeek MBA program polls, the Larson Excellence in Teaching award from the Wisconsin School of Business, and, most recently, a Distinguished Teaching award from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He also works to integrate experiential and behavioral perspectives of strategic management into the classroom through positions on the BPS and SMS Executive Committees, Doctoral and New Faculty BPS consortia, and the widely-used BPS Strategy Teaching Toolkit.

Sanjyot P. Dunung

Sanjyot is president of Atma Global (, a publisher of innovative learning products and solutions for the corporate, higher education, and K-12 markets. The company’s mission is to create engaging, best-of-class, global learning products and solutions focusing on countries, cultures, and global business issues. Sanjyot is a recognized leader in the field of cross-cultural learning and has more than fifteen years of extensive experience in developing leading-edge, multimedia learning solutions. Notably, she is the author of Doing Business in Asia: The Complete Guide, focusing on the cultural issues of conducting business in twenty Asian countries (1995 and 1998 by Simon & Schuster). Sanjyot periodically authors articles on doing business internationally. Further, she has appeared on CNBC-TV, CNN International, Bloomberg TV, and various radio programs and is often a guest speaker at conferences and seminars addressing international business and entrepreneurship. Her book, Straight Talk About Starting and Growing Your Own Business, was released in November 2005 by McGraw Hill; she has two entrepreneurship books, Starting Your Business and Growing Your Business with Business Expert Press. Sanjyot also worked as a banker in New York with American and Japanese banks. Sanjyot was selected as a protégé member of the Committee of 200. She’s cofounder and president of the Dunung-Singh Foundation, committed to providing educational opportunities and hope to underprivileged children. She also served as a member of the board of directors of the US Committee for UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund). Sanjyot mentors Afghan women entrepreneurs through Project Artemis. Sanjyot’s academic history includes a BA from Northwestern University and an MBA, with an emphasis in international finance, from Thunderbird, School of Global Management. She is the school’s 1997 recipient of the Distinguished Alumni award. Sanjyot was born in India; was raised in Liverpool, England and Chicago, and now lives in New York with her three sons.