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We would like to thank the following colleagues whose comprehensive feedback and suggestions for improving the material helped us make a better text:

Kathy Autrey, Northwestern State University

Kiran Bhutani, The Catholic University of America

Rhonda Buckley, Texas Woman’s University

Susan Cashin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Kathryn Cerrone, The University of Akron-Summit College

Zhao Chen, Florida Gulf Coast University

Ilhan Izmirli, George Mason University, Department of Statistics

Denise Johansen, University of Cincinnati

Eric Kean, Western Washington University

Yolanda Kumar, Univeristy of Missouri-Columbia

Eileen Stock, Baylor University

Sean Thomas, Emory University

Sara Tomek, University of Alabama

Mildred Vernia, Indiana University Southeast

Gingia Wen, Texas Woman’s University

Jiang Yuan, Baylor University

We also acknowledge the valuable contribution of the publisher’s accuracy checker, Phyllis Barnidge.