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Maureen Zimmerman

Many people have shaped my professional and personal life. I would be remiss not to acknowledge those who saw potential and hired me in 1991 to develop a nutrition program at Mesa Community College. To those who initiated and maintained the stellar teaching and learning movement in the Maricopa Community College District, I am grateful. To my colleagues and the doctoral faculty who helped form my teaching practice, thank you. Succor comes from my family. My five children, in particular, experienced my nutritional philosophies even before the cradle. They brought hummus to school before it ever hit the grocery store shelves. Studying and teaching nutrition has been a fulfilling part of my life; I am grateful to all who have influenced me, most especially the thousands of students I have learned with through the years.

Beth Snow

I dedicate this book to my mother, Ann Snow, who taught me the fun of cooking, and my father, the late Jack Snow, who showed me the amazing world of biology. Marrying these two interests led to my pursuit of an education in nutritional sciences and, ultimately, to authoring this textbook.