Where's the attribution?

The books posted here are licensed under the Creative Commons by-nc-sa 3.0 license, which typically requires attributing the source of the work (author, title, and URI). Initially, then, these books were attributed to the authors and publisher who made them available.

However, in March 2013, I was contacted by the publisher, who, acting as the licensor of the works, asked me to remove the Creative Commons attribution to the original authors and publisher from the collection of books. They also indicated that, in situations where I was required to attribute the work, they wished the works to be attributed to anonymous authors.

While I find this turn of events disappointing because it doesn't give the publisher or the original authors very much credit for for making the books available, I have obliged by removing the original attribution I had added for Creative Commons, and by not specifying the publisher's name in my templates for the books.

What about the titles?

In August 2013, I was contacted again by the publisher, who requested that I remove the books' original titles as well. Under the understanding that the books republished here are a Collection, and that the title in the book URIs could be considered part of the Section 4(d) attribution, I have retitled all of the books hosted in this collection. Care has been taken to ensure that links to the old names in this collection will redirect to the book's new location, and to the same content.

Further, the publisher requested that I remove their "corporate trademarks" from the books. I have therefore also replaced the publisher's name with the phrase "Unnamed Publisher" and a link to this page.

And the citations?

A number of the books in this archive had citations to other books from the publisher, or other resources that the publisher was hosting. As part of the publisher's requests, they asked to have these citations and links removed as well. Because it did not appear as though the removal of the citations was likely to impact the books' usability, where I have found citations to books from the publisher, I have removed those citations as well.

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