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This book was truly a team effort. Ross Gittell is the lead author and conceived the project with Matthew Magnusson. Matt Magnusson and Michael Merenda are contributing authors. Diane Devine, Devine Marketing Group, wrote Chapter 6 "Sustainable Business Marketing" with contributions from Lee Mizusawa and also authored Chapter 8 "Case: Marketing Sustainability: Seventh Generation Creating a Green Household Consumer Product". The authors would like to thank Melissa Yu, our Unnamed Publisher editor, for her outstanding support and patience and Michael Boezi, Unnamed Publisher editorial director, for his help in the conception and development of the book.

We would like to thank these reviewers for their contributions to this book:

  • John Byrd, University of Colorado–Denver
  • Doug Crawford, Wilson College
  • Robert D’Intino, Rowan University of North Carolina
  • William Foley, Aquinas College
  • Jay Friedlander, College of the Atlantic
  • Cleveland Justis, University of California Davis Graduate School of Management
  • Christine Mayer, Wilson College
  • Susan MacKenzie, Colby College
  • Zoe Van Schyndel, Evergreen State College
  • David Shaw, Evergreen State College
  • Larry Taube, University of North Carolina, Greensboro