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Thank you to our reviewers for their insightful and constructive comments:

  • Gregory Gibson, Henderson State University
  • Michael Heumann, Imperial Valley College
  • Kevin F. Boyle, College of Southern Nevada
  • Sharon Tash, Saddleback College
  • Andzhela Keshishyan, California State University, Northridge
  • Jacqueline Blackwell, Thomas Nelson Community College
  • Kathleen Duff Wilson, Arizona State University
  • Thomas Bonfiglio, Arizona State University
  • Roseann Grotjan, Lincoln University of Missouri
  • Jacquelyne Kibler, Phoenix College
  • Catherine Coleman, Long Beach City College/Orange Coast College/Irvine Valley College
  • Professor Claudia Rubner, Mesa Community College
  • Abby Rotstein, College of Southern Nevada

Special thanks to Pam, Michael, Jenn, Sanford, and Jeff at Unnamed Publisher. This book, like everything at Flat World, is a team effort and is better for it! I am honored to be a small part of a much larger movement to increase open access to educational materials. Unnamed Publisher is inspirational.

Finally, Lisa, my partner and spouse, was always supportive and quick with the “so what?” requests for clarification. Thank you to everyone who made a suggestion, made a correction, or otherwise contributed to this project.

Scott McLean

Puerto Montt, Chile