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The authors would like to thank the following individuals who reviewed the text and whose contributions were invaluable in shaping the product:

  • Rebecca Barlag, Ohio University
  • Greg Baxley, Cuesta College
  • Karen Borgsmiller, Hood College
  • Simon Bott, University of Houston
  • David Burgess, Rivier College
  • William Bushey, St. Marks High School and Delaware Technical Junior College
  • Li-Heng Chen, Aquinas College
  • Jose Conceicao, Metropolitan Community College
  • Rajeev Dabke, Columbus State University
  • Michael Denniston, Georgia Perimeter College
  • Nathanael Fackler, Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • James Fisher, Imperial Valley College
  • Brian Gilbert, Linfield College
  • Boyd Goodson, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
  • Karin Hassenrueck, California State University, Northridge
  • James Hill, California State University, Sacramento
  • Robert Holdar, North Lake College
  • Roy Kennedy, Massachusetts Bay Community College
  • Kristina Knutson, Georgia Perimeter College
  • Chunmei Li, University of California, Berkeley
  • Eric Malina, University of Nebraska
  • Laura McCunn-Jordan, Marshall University
  • Giovanni Meloni, University of San Francisco
  • Mark Ott, Jackson Community College
  • Robert Pike, The College of William & Mary