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Chapter 1 The Power to Get What You Want in Life

Welcome to The Power of Selling Video Ride-Alongs

Do you want to be successful in sales and in life? You’ll have a chance to meet the pros, the people who have achieved success in their careers in sales. At the beginning of each chapter you’ll have the opportunity to go on a video ride-alongWatching a video featuring a sales professional who is sharing on-the-job experiences., a chance to hear from sales professionals and learn firsthand what it’s like to be in sales. You’ll go on video ride-alongsGoing on sales calls with a sales rep or other selling professional to learn firsthand how to be successful in sales. with some of the best in the business and hear about their personal selling experiences and tips of the trade.

Meet Lisa Peskin, sales trainer at Business Development University. Lisa has spent over twenty years in sales with sales and sales management positions at companies such as Automated Data Processing (ADP), Bayview Financial, and Interbay Funding. She is currently a sales trainer at Business Development University and works with sales forces across the country to become more effective. Lisa is an experienced and passionate seller who will share her insights and tips for success with you throughout the book.

Ride along with Lisa as she shares her thoughts on the power of selling in everyday life.

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