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The author would like to thank the following colleagues who have reviewed the text and provided comprehensive feedback and suggestions for improving the material:

  • Kurtis Adams, Shepherd University
  • Laura Renninger, Shepherd University
  • David Gonzol, Shepherd University
  • Scott Beard, Shepherd University
  • Chris Vadala, University of Maryland, College Park
  • William Hollin, The Barbara Ingram School for the Arts
  • Scott Benford, Washington County (MD) Public Schools
  • Michael Thorsen, Principal, The Barbara Ingram School for the Arts
  • Paul Garvin Taylor, The Catholic University of America
  • Steven Strunk, The Catholic University of America
  • Lawren Diana Hill

In addition, a select group of instructors assisted the development of this material by actually using it in their classrooms. Their input, along with their students’ feedback, has provided us critical confirmation that the material is effective in the classroom: