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About the Authors

David T. Cadden

Dr. David Cadden was born in New York and received his undergraduate degree in engineering from the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. He received an MS in management from the same institution. He attended Baruch College, which is part of the City University of New York, where he received his MBA and earned his PhD in management planning systems.

Dr. Cadden is the author of many journal articles, book chapters, and proceedings publications. For several years he ran a program at Quinnipiac University where students traveled to Nicaragua to assist local small businesses in improving their operations. He teaches in the areas of operations and strategy and places special emphasis in these courses on the unique demands of small businesses. Dr. Cadden has consulted with several firms, including McDonald-Douglas Aircraft and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Prior to coming to Quinnipiac, Dr. Cadden worked for Hazeltine Corporation, Baruch College, and Fairfield University.

Sandra L. Lueder

Dr. Sandra Lueder is an associate professor emeritus at Southern Connecticut State University. She has a PhD in marketing from the City University of New York (Baruch College), an MBA in management and marketing from the University of Connecticut, and a BA from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. She also taught at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. Her noneducation employment includes working in government, small business, and United Engineers and Constructors, a large corporation that is a division of Raytheon. Dr. Lueder has been passionate about small business for more than twenty-five years. As the proud daughter of a twice-entrepreneur, she has lived the life and has seen the ups and downs of small business ownership. She has taught small business management courses and has integrated the small business perspective into most of the marketing and leadership courses that she teaches. Dr. Lueder has been published in the New England Journal of Entrepreneurship and The E-Business Review. She has also made many presentations at academic conferences.