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The authors would like to thank to the following individuals who reviewed the text and whose contributions were invaluable in shaping the final product:

Carlos Aguilar El Paso Community College
Jeff Ankrom Wittenberg University
Lee Ash Skagit Valley Community College
Randall Bennett Gonzaga University
Joseph Calhoun Florida State University
Richard Cantrell Western Kentucky University
Gregg Davis Flathead Valley Community College
Kevin Dunagan Oakton Community College
Mona El Shazly Columbia College
Jose Esteban Palomar College
Maurita Fawls Portland Community College
Fred Foldvary Santa Clara University
Richard Fowles University of Utah
Doris Geide-Stevenson Weber State University
Sarmila Ghosh University of Scranton, Kania School of Management
David Gordon Illinois Valley Community College
Clinton Greene University of Missouri-St. Louis
James Holcomb University of Texas at El Paso
Phil Holleran Mitchell Community College
Yu Hsing Southeastern Louisiana University
Thomas Hyclak Lehigh University
Bruce Johnson Centre College
James Kahiga Georgia Perimeter College
Andrew Kohen James Madison University
Monaco Kristen California State University–Long Beach
Mark Maier Glendale Community College
David McClough Bowling Green State University
Ann McPherren Huntington University
John Min Northern Virginia Community College
Shahriar Mostashari Campbell University, Lundy-Fetterman School of Business
Francis Mummery Fullerton College
Robert Murphy Boston College
Kathryn Nantz Fairfield University
Paul Okello Tarrant County College-South Campus
Nicholas Peppes St. Louis Community College
Ramoo Ratha Diablo Valley College
Teresa Riley Youngstown State University
Michael Robinson Mount Holyoke College
Anirban Sengupta Texas A&M University
John Solow The University of Iowa
John Somers Portland Community College
Charles Staelin Smith College
Richard Stratton The University of Akron
Kay E. Strong Bowling Green State University–Firelands
Della Sue Marist College
John Vahaly University of Louisville
Robert Whaples Wake Forest University
Mark Wheeler Western Michigan University
Leslie Wolfson The Pingry School
Sourushe Zandvakili    University of Cincinnati

We would like to extend a special thank you to the following instructors who class tested the text in their courses:

Johnathan Millman University of Massachusetts–Boston
John Min Northern Virginia Community College
Kristen Monaco California State University–Long Beach
Steve Skinner Western Connecticut State University
Richard Stratton University of Akron