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About the Author

Jack Lule

Dr. Jack Lule is the Joseph B. McFadden distinguished professor of journalism and the director of the globalization and social change initiative at Lehigh University. His research interests include globalization and media, international communication, international news reporting, cultural and critical studies of news, online journalism, and teaching with technology.

He is the author of Daily News, Eternal Stories: The Mythological Role of Journalism, published in 2001 by Guilford Press. Called “a landmark book in the sociology of news,” the book argues that ancient myths can be found daily in the pages of the news. The book won the 2002 Lewis Mumford Award for Outstanding Scholarship. His current book is a study of globalization and the media.

The author of more than forty scholarly articles and book chapters, Dr. Lule is also a frequent contributor to numerous newspapers and periodicals and has served as a commentator about the news on National Public Radio, BBC, and other media outlets. His most recent book, Globalization and Media: Global Village of Babel, was published in 2012 by Rowman & Littlefield.