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9.5 Discussion Questions and Activities

Discussion Questions

  1. Why do marketing professionals care about and participate in supply chain decisions?
  2. What criteria do you think companies look at when evaluating the performance of their supply chain partners? Make a list of them.
  3. Is the electronic delivery of products always better? To what extent does it depend on the customer?
  4. Discuss the supply chain for education at your college. What elements does it consist of? What aspects of its delivery could be improved opinion? What sort of alternate sourcing and delivery methods might be used? Can education be warehoused? How?


  1. Research the distribution system for Coca-Cola at What elements of Coca-Cola’s supply chain were you unaware of?
  2. Get into groups of four. Then choose a product and outline the supply chain for it. If you need to, use the Web to research the product. Then discuss with your group how you believe the supply chain could be used to create additional value for customers. Present your findings to your class.

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