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We want to thank Margaret Lannamann for doing such a great job keeping all the balls in the air, and Jeff Shelstad and Eric Frank for having the vision and persistence to bring Unnamed Publisher into being and for their faith in us as among the first Unnamed Publisher authors. Many thanks, too, to the talented Andrea Meyer, who was an invaluable resource in providing background content for several of our chapters. We also thank Elsa Peterson for her tireless and amazing developmental editing, Brett Guidry for helping to keep everything on track, and Sharon Koch and Evelyn Forte for their expertise and contagiously positive perspectives. We further thank Dean Scott Dawson and Portland State University, and Michele Yoder and the University of Wisconsin–Madison for supporting our work.

We would also like to thank the following colleagues whose comprehensive feedback and suggestions for improving the material helped make this a better text:

Erin Atchley, University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Laura Bulas, Central Community College

Val Calvert, San Antonio College

Sylvia Charland, Fitchburg State College

Dexter Davis, Niagara University

Matt DeLuca, Baruch College

Charles Englehardt, St. Leo University

Jeff Fahrenwald, Rockford College

Carolyn Fausnaugh, Florida Institute of Technology

Don Furman, SUNY New Paltz/SUNY OCCC

Shelly Gardner, Augustana College

Hugh Graham, Loras College

Bruce Gillies, California Lutheran University

Susan Greer, Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Dewey Hemphill, Crichton College

Kirk Heriot, Columbus State University

Betty Hoge, Bridgewater College

Gerald Hollier, University of Texas at Brownsville

Kathleen Jones, University of North Dakota

Claire Kent, Mary Baldwin College

Daniel Kent, Northern Kentucky University

Anita Leffel, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Damian Lonsdale, University of South Dakota

Daniel Morrell, University of South Carolina

Francine Newth, Providence College

Roy Pipitone, Erie Community College

Michael Provitera, Barry University

Linda Sargent, University of Texas Pan American

Mukesh Sud, Augustana College

Nicholas Twigg, Coastal Carolina University

Nkuma Uche, Central Community College

Donna Waldron, Manchester Community College

Carolyn Youssef, Bellevue University

The authors also appreciate the efforts of those instructors who have contributed to the project with their work on supplementary materials. Anita Leffel from the University of Texas at San Antonio developed the Student Quizzes and the Test Item File, and Laura Bulas from Central Community College created the PowerPoint slide presentations.

In addition, two instructors assisted the development of this material by using it in their classrooms. Their input, along with their students’ feedback, has provided us with valuable feedback and confirmation that the material is effective in the classroom:

Dexter Davis, Niagara University

P. Gerald Shaw, Dean College

The cadre of copy editors, graphics designers, and technical designers involved in this first-of-its-kind global publishing project also garner our heartfelt thanks. Finally, this book would not have the incredible value and meaning it does without the support and interest of the faculty and students who have commented on early iterations and will serve to make this “their book” in the many years to come.