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About the Author

Lisa M. Storm, Esq. received her bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the University of California at Davis in 1985 and her juris doctorate degree from Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco in 1990. Ms. Storm has taught at the community college, four-year, and graduate levels since 1992. Currently, she is a tenured faculty member in Administration of Justice at Hartnell College, a California community college. She is also an attorney and licensed member of the California State Bar. Ms. Storm teaches Criminal Law, Criminal Procedures, Criminal Evidence, Constitutional Law, and Legal Environment of Business.

Throughout her teaching career, Ms. Storm has embraced innovation, which led her to develop the only online Degree and Certificate program at Hartnell College, as well as the only accelerated (three-semester) online degree program in Administration of Justice. Her dedication to students helped her win both campus-wide and external awards, including the Ercia Harden Teaching Excellence Award in 2006. Ms. Storm continues to pursue her commitment to student success and hopes to inspire many more students to pursue a career in law, criminal justice, or paralegal.