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About the Authors

Rachel S. Siegel, CFA

Rachel S. Siegel, chartered financial analyst (CFA), has been a professor of finance, economics, and accounting at Lyndon State College since 1990. She has also taught as an adjunct faculty member at Trinity College (Vermont), Granite State College (New Hampshire), Springfield College (Massachusetts), the University of Vermont, and in Tel Aviv, Israel, for Champlain College.

Siegel is a member of the Vermont CFA Society, the CFA Institute, and the Board of Scholars of the Ethan Allen Institute, as well as a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. She has served as a consultant on investment strategy to the Vermont Land Trust and to other private clients.

Siegel’s column “Follow the Money” has been a regular feature of the Northstar Monthly since 2001.

Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, Siegel earned a BA in English literature (1980) and an MBA (1989) from Yale University. She lives in Barnet, Vermont.

Carol Yacht, Business Educator and Author

Carol Yacht is a business educator and textbook author. Yacht’s best-selling textbook, Computer Accounting with Peachtree (McGraw-Hill/Irwin), is in its fourteenth edition. She has also written textbooks for QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Office Accounting, Excel, and Carol Yacht’s General Ledger.

Yacht’s writing career started in the classroom. To help her students learn new business and technology concepts, Yacht created instructional material. Her first book was published in 1979. Yacht is committed to teaching, learning, sharing, and writing. She is a frequent presenter at conferences.

Yacht teaches Accounting Information Systems at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, College of Business, Executive and Professional Education Center. She has also taught on the faculties of California State University–Los Angeles, West Los Angeles College, Yavapai College, and Beverly Hills High School. She is also the Accounting Section Editor for the Business Education Forum, a publication of the National Business Education Association; serves on the AAA Commons Editorial Board; and is a member of the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Advisory Council.

In 2005, Yacht received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Accounting Association Two-Year College Section. She is also a recipient of the Business Education Leadership Award from the State of California.

Yacht received her MA from California State University–Los Angeles, BS from the University of New Mexico, and AS from Temple University.

Yacht is married to the artist Brice Wood. Her son, Matthew Lowenkron, is an accountant, and her stepdaughter, Jessica Wood, is a writer.