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About the Author

John Gallaugher is an associate professor of information systems (IS) at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management.

As lead faculty of the Boston College TechTrek programs, and co-lead to several of the university’s international field study courses, Professor Gallaugher has led his students on scores of master-class visits with executives at firms ranging from Amazon to Zynga. Gallaugher is also co-advisor to the Boston College Venture Competition, an organization whose affiliated businesses have gone on to win entrepreneurship awards at MIT and Yale, gain admittance to the elite Y-Combinator accelerator program, launch multiple products, and raise millions in capital.

A dedicated teacher and active researcher, Professor Gallaugher has been recognized for excellence and innovation in teaching by several organizations, including Boston College, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur Magazine, and the Decision Sciences Institute. Professor Gallaugher’s research has been published in the Harvard Business Review, MIS Quarterly, and other leading IS journals. Professor Gallaugher has been a featured speaker at Apple Inc’s AcademiX educator conference, and was the keynote speaker at AIBUMA (the African International Business and Management Conference) in Nairobi Kenya. He has consulted for and taught executive seminars for several organizations, including Accenture, Alcoa, Duke Corporate Education, ING, Partners Healthcare, Staples, State Street, the University of Ulster, and the U.S. Information Agency. His comments on business and technology have appeared in the New York Times, National Public Radio, BusinessWeek, the Boston Globe, Wired, the Associated Press, Chronicle (WCVB-TV), The Daily Yomiuri (Japan), and the Nation (Thailand), among others.

Professor Gallaugher publishes additional content related to his teaching and research at He is also active on twitter at @gallaugher.