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This book would not have been possible without the assistance of Michael Boezi, Melissa Yu, and Jenn Yee. Major thanks also goes to Scott Mealy for the amazing artwork and technical drawings found herein.

We also like to thank the following colleagues whose comprehensive feedback and suggestions for improving the material helped us make a better text:

Rick Bunch, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Mark Leipnik, Sam Houston State University

Olga Medvedkov, Wittenberg University

Jason Duke, Tennessee Tech

I-Shian (Ivan) Shian, Virginia Commonwealth

Peter Kyem, Central Connecticut State University

Darren Ruddell, University of Southern California

Victor Gutzler, Tarrant County College, Texas

Wing Cheung, Palomar College

Christina Hupy, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Shuhab Khan, University of Houston

Jeffrey S. Ueland, Bemidji State University

Darcy Boellstorff, Bridgewater State College

Michela Zonta, Virginia Commonwealth University

Ke Liao, University of South Carolina

Fahui Wang, Louisiana State University

Robbyn Abbitt, Miami University

Jamison Conley, East Tennessee State University

Shanon Donnelly, University of Akron

Patrick Kennelly, Long Island University—C.W. Post

Michael Konvicka, Lone Star College—CyFair

Michael Leite, Chadron State College

Victor Mesev, Florida State University

Scott Nowicki, University of Nevada—Las Vegas

Fei Yuan, Minnesota State University—Mankato

Michela Zonta, Virginia Commonwealth University