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Faculty Contributions

We are blessed to work with colleagues that value teaching and are truly concerned with the welfare of our students. A number of our colleagues have made excellent suggestions and contributions to the course. We give special thanks to Hao Lou, Vic Matta, Scott Wright, Justin Davis, Corrine Brown, Hala Annabi, Mike Martel, Sean McGann, Wayne Huang, Tod Brokaw, Ken Hartung, Jane Sojka, David Kirch, Susie Freeland, David Payne, Mira Straska, Dave Matthews, Craig Evans, Wanda Weinberg, Monica Cueto, and Nancy Matolak.

We give special thanks to Jeff Shelstad and Pam Hersperger of Unnamed Publisher who believed in our vision and shepherded us through this process. We would also like to thank Alisa Alering, Brad Felix, and the many other employees at Unnamed Publisher that helped improve the text.

We would also like to thank members of the business community who reviewed and/or made contributions to the text. In particular we thank Eugene Kenyo, IT College Recruiter for Progressive Insurance, Tom Starr of Tom Starr Live, and Ralph Riedel, Management Consultant, for their helpful suggestions.

Student Contributions

We believe that Ohio University students are second to none. They work hard, play hard, and have good values. Our students are genuinely grateful for the effort we put into this course.

A few of them have helped critique, edit and proofread this text. We are happy to say that they are not shy about voicing their opinions. Their contributions have been invaluable. In particular, Tucker Barlow and Chelsea Smith (diagrams), Julianne Shasteen (editing), Kaitlin Bolling (design), John Letsky (business intelligence), and Alex Minrisky (typesetting).