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9.5 Step 5: Preliminary Growth Strategy Ideas

The categories of value identified in Step 3 (sorting) and additional insights from the research generate some natural, action-oriented questions for pursuing growth of customer value and competitive position. In Chapter 6 "Growth Strategy", we discussed a series of growth questions that naturally emerge from the different categories of the framework. For Annie’s case, the questions led to a number of preliminary growth ideas, which are presented in the text boxes surrounding the 3-Circle diagram in Figure 9.5 "Growth Strategy Priorities for OptiMod". The figure exhibits the value that Annie discovered in her interviews in Column A and the basic growth questions for each category of value in Column B. Column C indicates the conclusions initially drawn by this analysis. Chief among these conclusions was to correct doctor’s misperceptions regarding OptiMod’s efficacy and managed-care coverage. We will come to the final conclusions regarding growth strategy in Step 10.