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17.5 Additional Resources

“Good Ways to Deliver Bad News” by Curtis Sittenfeld from Fast Company.

“How to Deliver Bad News to a Group” by Kevin Daley, a Harvard Business article.

“How to Deliver Bad News” from

Development by Design offers an article on how to elicit feedback.

“Top 7 Ways To Elicit Constructive Web site Feedback” by Adam Senour.

Visit this Northern Illinois University site for a guide to preparing a generic crisis communication plan and adapting it to your needs.

To see an actual crisis communication plan, visit this North Carolina State University Web site.

See the Crisis Communication Plan of Meredith College at this site.

Western Organization of Research Councils presents “How to Hold a Press Conference.”

“How to Hold a Press Conference” by Kori Rodley Irons. Press conferences aren’t just for the rich and famous.