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I would like to thank the following reviewers whose feedback helped improve the final product:

  • Katherine Adams, Eastern Michigan University
  • Sheri Berger, Los Angeles Valley College
  • Seung Choi, Northern Virginia Community College
  • Stephen DeLong, Colorado Mountain College
  • Keith Eddy, College of the Sequoias
  • Solomon Emeghara, William Patterson University
  • Audrey Gillant, SUNY–Maritime
  • Barbara Goldner, North Seattle Community College
  • Joseph Grich, William Patterson University
  • Caroll Hobbs, Pensacola State College
  • Clark Ingham, Mott Community College
  • Valerie LaVoice, NHTI, Concord’s Community College
  • Sandra Martin, Brevard Schools
  • Bethany Mueller, Pensacola State College
  • Tracy Redden, College of the Sequoias
  • James Riley, Northern Arizona University
  • Bamdad Samii, California State University–Northridge
  • Michael Scott, California State University–Monterey Bay
  • Nora Wheeler, Santa Rosa Junior College

I would also like to acknowledge Michael Boezi and Vanessa Gennarelli of Unnamed Publisher. The success of this project is in large part due to their vision and expertise. Finally, a special heartfelt thank-you is due to my wife, Tracy, who spent countless hours proofreading and editing these pages—all this while maintaining a tight schedule for our family. Without her, this textbook would not have been possible.