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15.7 End-of-Chapter Exercises

It’s Your Turn

  1. Summarize the four elements of physical fitness in a table.
  2. Create a list of toxins and chemical compounds that can cause foodborne illness.
  3. Write a short newspaper article about interesting, nutrition-related careers.

Apply It

  1. People who are over eighteen, in good health, and want to acquire a better sense of their overall fitness can take the President’s Challenge and participate in the Adult Fitness Test. The challenge involves tests in key fitness areas, after which you have the option to send in your results and receive an evaluation online. Go to this website to learn more:
  2. Provide a list of three or four tips for a patient who suffers from hypertension. What foods would you recommend? What items would you limit? For more information on the ways that food and nutrition can affect blood pressure visit the following website:
  3. Identify common risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, along with steps to avoid these chronic conditions.

Expand Your Knowledge

  1. Write a short script for a public service announcement that explains the dangers of foodborne illness. What do you believe the public should know about the agents that cause food infection and food intoxication?
  2. Draw a comic strip that shows the different ways consumers can protect themselves from foodborne illness and promote food safety.
  3. In a written essay, summarize steps that people can take to live a more sustainable lifestyle and approach making major changes in their lives.