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The author would like to thank the following colleagues who have reviewed the text and provided comprehensive feedback and suggestions for improving the material:

Tim Allwine Lower Columbia College
Douglas Antola Crowe Bradley University
Vondra Armstrong Pulaski Technical College
April Bailey Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
Michael Baran South Puget Sound Community College
Ruby Barker Tarleton State University
Murray Brunton Central Ohio Technical College
Laura Bulas Central Community College
Leon Chickering South Puget Sound Community College
Glenn Doolittle Santa Ana College
Amy Epplin Rend Lake College
Andrea Foster John Tyler Community College
Joseph Fox Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
Leatrice Freer Pitt Community College
George Generas University of Hartford
David Gilliss San Jose State University
Alfredo Gomez Broward College
Madeline Grant Santa Ana College
Gail Jacobs LA College International
Francis Krcmarik Mott Community College
Elaine Madden Anne Arundel Community College
Timothy March Kaskaskia College
Marian Matthews Central NM Community College
Gina McConoughey Illinois Central College
Tom McFarland Mt. San Antonio College
Bill McPherson Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Diane Minger Cedar Valley College
Jennifer Morton Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana
John Olivo Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Lauren Paisley Genesee Community College
Anthony Racka Oakland Community College
Nancy Ray-Mitchell McLennan Community College
Martin St. John Westmoreland County Community College
John Striebich Monroe Community College
Frank Titlow St. Petersburg College
Bob Urell Irvine Valley College
Dean Williamson Brewton-Parker College #2004

In addition, a select group of instructors assisted the development of this material by actually using it in their classrooms. Their input, along with their students’ feedback, has provided us critical confirmation that the material is effective and impactful in the classroom:

Nikolaos Adamou Borough of Manhattan CC
April Bailey Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
Michael Davis Yavaipai College
Andrea Foster John Taylor Community College
Frank Markham Mesa State
Donn Miller-Kermani Florida Institute of Technology
Diane Minger Cedar Valley College
Tony Racka Oakland Community College
P. Gerard Shaw Dean College
Dean Williamson Brewton-Parker College
David Woolgar Santa Ana College

The authors also appreciate the efforts of a fine group of instructors who have assisted the project with their work on supplementary materials:

David Murphy, Madisonville Community College, P. Gerard Shaw, Dean College, and Diane Minger, Cedar Valley College, collaborated on the Test Item Files and Student Quizzes.

Chuck Bowles, Pikes Peak Community College, developed the PowerPoint Presentation Slides.

Kim Richmond, St. Joseph’s University, developed the Video Learning Segments.

I am sincerely grateful to a great team of individuals at Unnamed Publisher who made working on this project an enjoyable experience. Special thanks to Jeff Shelstad and Eric Frank for their confidence in me and in the project and to Sharon Koch for her enthusiasm. Thanks to Joanne Butler and Sharon Hughes for their dedication to quality and their positive attitudes. Thanks also to several very special friends who made substantial contributions to the textbook project: Ron Librach, Joseph Manzo, Judy Minot, and Eleanore Stinner.

Thanks to the members of the Introduction to Business faculty team at Lehigh University who are a constant source of ideas and advice. Their excitement about the course and dedication to our students create a positive and supportive teaching environment. I enjoy the hours we spend in the “bullpen” sharing teaching tips, brainstorming ways to improve the course, and just having fun.

Finally, I thank my husband, Bill, my sons, Don and Mark, and their wives, Courtney and Tara, for their support and encouragement during this project. They’re the best of my world.