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13.3 Print

As you saw in the media plan we presented in Chapter 10 "Plan and Buy Media: SS+K Chooses the Right Media for the Client’s New Branding Message", SS+K ran print media in a variety of publications that appealed to the News Explorer.

Figure 13.4

The print executions feature the spectrum grid, with each brick representing a different story on The colors that are knocked out from the spectrum are noted at the bottom as the colors and headlines are juxtaposed to tell the story of the full range of news on SS+K produced all the print executions in house.

Figure 13.5

These one-third-page vertical ads were purchased to “hug” the editorial content in the middle of the page to show a strong connection between the content in the magazine and the content on

In addition to full-page print ads within weekly magazines, the media buy can include other segments of a page. In the case of, The Media Kitchen bought one-third-page vertical ads on opposite sides. SS+K creatively used this buy to form “goalposts” around the page. Where possible, the editorial content of the page was taken into consideration when the team wrote headlines for the ads.