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Chapter 2 A User’s Manual: Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Essentials

Figure 2.1 Build a Foundation

Advertising is in trouble only if you think of the narrow box advertising has traditionally been in, which is getting on TV or in print.

Linda Kaplan Thaler, Founder, Kaplan Thaler Group

This is not a book about advertising.

This is a book about touching consumers where they live—and work and play. Now that we’ve met some of the folks from SS+K and, let’s take a look at the fundamentals the members of these teams have under their belts. We’ll pick back up with them in Chapter 4 "Consumers and the Communications Process: SS+K Gets to Know Its Consumers" to follow how they’ve applied these fundamentals from Chapter 2 "A User’s Manual: Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Essentials" and Chapter 3 "Advertising and Society".