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A textbook of this size owes a genuine debt of gratitude to a long list of wonderful people. We want to acknowledge the time, energy, ideas, and patience invested by each of the following individuals.

Book Development and Support

A warm thank you to Jeff Shelstad, Bradley Felix, Sharon Koch, Shannon Gattens, Jenn Yee, Stacy Claxton, Chrissy Chimi, John Britton, and Barbara Corbin.

Textbook Reviewers

  • Pervaiz Alam, Kent State University
  • Jane Austin, Oklahoma City University
  • Richard Baldwin, Johnson & Wales University, Friedman Center, Graduate School
  • Sheila Bedford, American University
  • Bruce Branson, North Carolina State University
  • Rada Brooks, University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business
  • Charles Bunn, Wake Technical Community College
  • Stan Clark, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Sue Cunningham, Rowan Cabarrus Community College
  • Betty David, Francis Marion University
  • Carolyn Dreher, Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business
  • Wilbert Harri, Pima Community College
  • Lori Holder-Webb, Simmons College School of Management
  • Ethan Kinory, Baruch College, City University of New York
  • Pamela Legner, College of DuPage
  • Randall Lewis, Spring Arbor University
  • Chao-Shin Liu, University of Notre Dame
  • Mary Middleton, University of Richmond
  • Jane Mooney, Simmons College
  • David Sulzen, Ferrum College
  • Diane Tanner, University of North Florida
  • Steven Thoede, Texas State University
  • Robin Thomas, North Carolina State University
  • Wendy Wilson, Southern Methodist University
  • Gregory Yost, University of West Florida

The authors also appreciate the efforts of Lydia Rosencrants, LaGrange College Accountancy and Business Programs, who has assisted the project by developing the end-of-chapter and supplementary material. We want to give a special word of thanks to Katie Fischer for reading the early chapters of this textbook and giving a wonderful perspective from a student’s point of view.